February, 2014
Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Every year in December we conduct a 'Customer Satisfaction Survey' to ensure we are meeting our customers expectations. This Survey we had an outstanding response with over 70% of our customers responding to the Survey.

Last year our results were outstanding. This year we focused on a number of performance indicators and the results speak for themselves in that we managed to match or better the December, 2012 Survey.

In all, 95% of our customers rated our general performance across all aspects we surveyed as either "Good" being 15% of all customers, or "Excellent" according to 80% of those surveyed.

This included:

Quality of Cleaning:

Rated by 96% of those responding to the Survey as "Good" or "Excellent".

Quality of Product Maintenance:

Up from 87% last year to 88% this year as "Good" or "Excellent".

Reliability of Service:

Again, up from 94% last year to a massive 99% this year.

Helpfulness of Drivers:

Our Drivers and Deliverymen continue to provide the best service in the industry. These are the weekly 'face' of our business delivering your clean, pressed and repaired uniforms, mats, towels etc and collecting your soiled goods for processing. A massive 93% of our customers rated their service and "helpfulness" as "Excellent". Magnificent!

Another great result and an impressive acknowledgement from our customers. Thank you.


December, 2013
Graduation for Certificate III in Process Manufacturing

Graduation for Certificate III in Process Manufacturing

Pictured here receiving their graduation Certificates from trainers Ken and Amanda are three of the four girls who have this year completed their Certificate III in Process Manufacturing.

Our Director Steve and Manager Dave are very proud of the girls achievements. These ladies have worked very hard to attain their qualifications and we celebrated with a party following the graduation. Ken, on behalf of the educators, made a very nice speech telling the ladies that they had a lot to be proud of and that more employers should encourage their staff members to participate in on-going education programs."


December, 2013
Fresh & Clean Premier League Squash team win!

Fresh & Clean Premier League Squash team win!

Last weekend the Fresh & Clean Premier League Squash team  won the NSW Squash Premier League Squash Competition.

In a hard fought match the Team of Jeff Bond, Michael Bolton, Daniel Condie and Matt Allat were successful and now hold the Title.

Members of the Bankstown Sports Squash Club this is a great achievement for the Club


July, 2013
New Tunnel Finisher Installed

Tunnel Finisher

Pictured here is the new tunnel finisher we have just installed which cuts down a lot of our processing time.
The garments that do not require a complete press are passed through this tunnel, injected with live steam, shaken and then dried.

Here we see some long sleeve Polo Shirts literally dancing across the ceiling as they come out of the tunnel finisher, onto a conveyor that transports them across the ceiling and onto the moving assembly conveyor ready to be assembled into customer orders.


June, 2013
National Conference

National Conference

National Conference in June for LASA again asked our Director, Steve Gordon, to speak in relation to Marketing.

This time Steve spoke on Marketing Initiatives and community involvement before a packed audience of over 400 delegates at the Westin Hotel, Martin Place Sydney facilitated by renowned ABC News Presenter, Richard Morecroft.

Pictured here is Steve in front of his Powerpoint presentation.


May, 2013
Staff Recognition Awards Dinner

Staff recognition awards dinner

Staff Recognition Awards Dinner was held at the lovely “Linda’s on King” Restaurant in Newtown. We chose this venue as the proprietors had donated a Voucher for dinner which we were awarded at the Marrickville Council “Sustainability Advantage” Awards as a result of us winning the “Water Saver Award” in 2012 when our initiatives resulted in us saving 16% of our previous years water usage despite an increase in our volume of business.

Pictured here are popular office girls Jo who has been with the company for 20 years and Mandy who this year completed 25 years of service. Well done, ladies


February, 2013
Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys were again conducted in December 2012 and demonstrate again a particularly high standard of achievment in all areas which we surveyed. Customers related the following areas of our business:

We continue to place Customer Service and Satisfaction at the forefront of our business


January, 2013
New Towel Folder

New Towel FolderPictured here on its way into the plant is our new Towel Folder.

Many of our customers utilise tea towels, hand towels and bath towels. Up until now we have been folding them by hand and stacking them. With our new Towel Folder once the towels are washed, dried and pressed we can have them folded automatically and stacked ready for dispatch which saves a huge amount of time.

The Folder was purchased from a laundry in South East Queensland which sadly went into receivership. We shipped it down to its new home in Sydney and installed it in January.



December, 2012
Excellent customer services results for 2011

Customer Survey results for 2011 again show consistently high rates of satisfaction across all aspects of our business services.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2010

90% of our Customers rated our quality of cleaning as either "excellent" or "very good" and 100% of our customers rated our cleaning above the level of "satisfactory".

Our Drivers have set delivery runs and  see our customers at basically the same time every week and it is very gratifying to know that 99% of Customers rated their level of "helpfulness" as either "excellent" or "very good".

To have our business rated by our Customers as highly as we are in these annual surveys is both gratifying to us in knowing that we are doing the job expected by them and that we are continuing to strive for excellence in the service we provide. These results show why we have never lost a customer because of poor service issues.


November, 2012
Environmental Award

Environmental Award

Fresh & Clean continues to be a leader in both our business and the way in which we do business. Seen here at the November Awards Ceremony are Manager Dave Tucker and Director Steve Gordon collecting the Marrickville Council "2012 Business Environment Award".

This Award was won for the outstanding work Fresh & Clean have done with the assistance of the Council in reducing our water useage by a massive 16% over 12 months. This was achieved by reviewing and then enhancing our Preventative Maintenance regimes as well as the purchase of capital equipment that enabled us to regulate the amount of water being used in our wet wash processes.

Fresh & Clean are committed to ensuring that our environmental footprint remains as small as possible despite the fact that our business grew by over 12.5% in the same period.


November, 2012
Steve Gordon speaks at LASA National Conference

Steve Gordon - LASA National Conference

Pictured here is Director Steve Gordon who was invited to speak about Marketing at the recent inaugural LASA National Conference in Perth, Western Australia.

LASA is the largest national industry body representing the entire aged care industry and the Conference ran for 3 days with delegates and industry affiliates from all over Australia.

The conference was opened by the Chair of the Association, General Peter Cosgrove.


October, 2012
Celebrating 30 Years in Business

30 Years in Business

This year we celebrate our 30th year in the Uniform Rental and Supply business.

Fresh & Clean started off in 1982 from the back of a dry cleaning store in Maroubra Junction. Director Steve Gordon did the cleaning, pressing, assembling and delivering of customer uniforms from the back of his car as we did not even have a delivery van. After several moves of premises we bought the factory from which we currently operate in Marrickville and Steve is still here.....but a much older version than the one we had in 1982! 

Over these 30 years we have continued to educate our staff by offering & supporting them with numerous opportunities to obtain Certificate qualifications, we have continued to take the impact of our business on our environment very seriously as witnessed by the numerous Environmental Awards we continue to win and our business continues to win Business Awards for the way we conduct our operations. However, the thing we strive most to do is to provide excellent "customer service" which explains why we still have customers we signed up in 1982. This is the most satisfying aspect of our 30 years that after all this time our customers have remained and continue to value the service and attention to detail that we provide as a family operated business.

The photos show some of our staff with Director Steve in our plant. Thank you to our wonderful customers for the last 30 years, it has been an interesting and wonderful journey to see a business develop from nothing but an idea into what we have today.


Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2010


November, 2011
Marrickville Council Sustainability Leadership Awards

On 23rd November, 2011 Marrickville Council held their annual Sustainability Leadership Awards at Steel Park by the beautiful Cooks River presenting their Business Environment Awards.

Fresh & Clean Uniform Services was awarded a special Certificate of Recognition by achieving a 16% reduction of water use in 2011. This fantastic result came about by diligent repair and maintenance work on all water leaks, upgrading our Preventative Maintenance program and the installation of new water saving laundry equipment.

As you can imagine in a commercial laundry we use a lot of water and to reduce this useage by nearly one fifth is an amazing result over the last year. Congratulations to all our staff in assisting us to achieve this wonderful result.


Visit Marrickville Council's feature on Fresh & Clean's Sustainability Achievements

November, 2010
Environment Award Winner

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2010

Steve Gordon and Dave Tucker
with Mayor of Marrickville Fiona Byrne.

Steve Gordon and Dave Tucker are pictured here with Mayor of Marrickville Fiona Byrne.

Councillor Byrne is presenting Fresh & Clean Uniform Services with the Resource Recovery Award for 2010.

We have remained committed to both the Councils Target Sustainability Program and the State Governments Sustainable Advantage Program in our continuing endeavours to reduce our environmental impact as a business by reusing, recycling, reducing, repairing and re-acting to as many opportunities as possible in our efforts to minimise our impact on our planet in our traditionally high energy, high resource use industry.

Our dedication means we have been winning awards for the care of our environment since 1997."



September, 2010
Fresh & Clean Uniform Services takes over Servis Industries Pty Ltd

Steve Gordon, Managing Director of Fresh & Clean Uniform Services and Charles Edmondson, the son of the original founders of the Servis Industries business

Steve Gordon, Managing Director of Fresh & Clean Uniform Services and Charles Edmondson, the son of the original founders of the Servis Industries business

Following extensive negotiations Fresh & Clean Uniform Services took over the business of Servis Industries Pty Limited in September.

Established in 1924 by the Edmondson family, the business which was based in Paddington, originally wove their own cloth and manufactured all types of uniforms utilised in their rental laundry. Due to the retirement of the current Managing Director, Mr. Charles Edmondson, Fresh & Clean Uniform Services have absorbed all of the Servis Industries customers in to their existing award winning plant at Marrickville.

Pictured here at the Servis Industries plant and in front of some of the memorabilia from over 85 years of business are Steve Gordon, Managing Director of Fresh & Clean Uniform Services and Charles Edmondson, the son of the original founders of the Servis Industries business.



February 19th, 2010
Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Results for Fresh & Clean

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2010


In its latest customer survey, Fresh & Clean has again shown itself to be continuously improving on already outstanding results across all areas of customer service and satisfaction.

Take a look for yourself and see why Fresh & Clean is your ideal provider for all Uniform Services, Mat Rentals and Washroom Supplies.


November 20th, 2009
Fresh and Clean recognised again with Environmental Award

Fresh and Clean recognised again with Environmental Award


Fresh & Clean Uniform Services was recently recognised yet again for our dedication to the environment.

Director Steve Gordon and Manager David Tucker are pictured here at left receiving an award presented by the Mayor of Marrickville Council, Sam Iskandar at Steel Park on 25th November during the Target Sustainability 2009 Environment Awards for Business.

This award recognises the efforts over the last two and a half years by Fresh & Clean Uniform Services to maximise the re-use and recovery of resources used in the business.


October 9th, 2009
New Italian washer up and running

Steve Gordon receives Environmental Award

The machine at our site in Marrickville.

Steve Gordon receives Environmental Award

The machine being constructed in Italy.

This month saw the installation of a major new piece of cleaning equipment at Fresh & Clean as we retired our large single barrel 65 kg washer with a brand new twin barrel 70kg machine. Our old single barrel machine had served us faithfully for more than 25 years.

All the way from Italy and especially designed to our specifications and manufactured in Bolongna by ItalClean, this purpose built machine gives us great flexibility and has been built for our customers' needs. As there are no generic manufacturers of cleaning equipment left in Australia we sourced the best equipment fit for our business and our customers and this is why we chose ItalClean.

We started stripping out the old machine on Saturday morning and by Sunday afternoon we were fully operational so as to not cause any disruption to production and ensure our customers' garments were ready to be processed the minute we had steam up in the boilers.

Thanks to Bill Saad and his team from UDS Pty Limited who did a grand job on our installation and with whom we have continued to have an ongoing partnership as our external Maintenance Contractor for our major monthly services."



Environmental ResponsibilityOctober 2nd, 2009
Taking our Environmental Responsibility seriously

Although Fresh & Clean is a small family owned business we take our corporate responsibility seriously. No more so than in the area of care for our environment. We have been members of the local Councils' Target Sustainability Program and also the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change's Sustainability Advantage Program for several years now. As part of these programs we have committed to reducing our environmental footprint as a business. This means that although our business continues to grow we have committed to a reduction of 10% in our waste going to landfill, a 10% reduction in the use of energy and a 10% reduction in the amount of water that we use. This is proving to be a large undertaking but with the assistance of all of us who work here and the energy audits undertaken we are working hard to achieve our goals.

Our efforts have been rewarded and recognised. In 1997 we received the award for the Most Improved Environmental Performance by a Business and in 2003 we received the award for the Best Environmental Performance by a Business in the Marrickville Municipality. These are no small feats for a small firm in an industry that has traditionally not been responsive to the impact it has on the environment. We feel we are good members of our local community and our custodianship of the environment for the benefit of our children and future generations is a vital for a better future for us all.



December 11th, 2008
Fresh and Clean win Environmental Award

Steve Gordon receives Environmental Award

Steve Gordon, Councillor Fiona Byrne and Susie Smith

In November this year Fresh & Clean were again recognised for their commitment to the environment when founder Steve Gordon received another Environmental Award at a ceremony held in Steel Park by the upper reaches of the Cooks River in Marrickville.

Steve is seen here with the Deputy Mayor of Marrickville Council, Clr Fiona Byrne and Susie Smith from the Department of Environment & Climate Change, receiving the Award recognising the commitment Fresh & Clean has made to the NSW Governments "Sustainable Advantage" Program that is coordinated locally by Marrickville Council.

"The receipt of these Awards is a stunning achievement and a humbling experience for us considering we are a small family owned organisation operating in a field dominated by large multi-national public companies" said Steve in thanking both the Council and the Department for the support the business had received during the last twelve months.

Fresh and Clean has been recognised since 1997 as a leader in the utilisation of environmentally sustainable work practices when we took out the Award for "Most Improved Environmental Performance" for a business in the Municipality of Marrickville and again in 2003 when we won the prestigious "Best Environmental Performance by a Business" in the Marrickville Industrial Estate.

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